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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Young man standing in front of school with backpack, smiling

Be the difference: 6 ways to make your school safer and happier

Rate this article and enter to winBased on recent media coverage, it may seem like schools are becoming more and more dangerous. But believe it or not, schools are actually one of the safest...
Three dancers

Just dance: 10 surprising reasons to bust a move

Rate this article and enter to winThe next time you’re jamming to a Wiz Khalifa song or rocking out to 1D, take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you think it’s just...
Two silhouette people standing facing away from each other

The bully experience: How to be a friend

Rate this article and enter to winYou may not realize it, but bystanders (witnesses) to bullying can suffer consequences just from seeing someone get bullied. These consequences can include anxiety, difficulty trusting others, and...
One grumpy girl and one frustrated girl

Is a friendship taking over your life?

Rate this article and enter to winFriendships are important for everyone, whether you like to hang out in big groups or focus on your closest buddies. Friends can make you laugh and can listen...
Guys fighting

Ask the counselor: Unhealthy friendship

"How do I know if I’m in an unhealthy friendship?"—Emily, Winter Park, FloridaDear Emily,It might be helpful to ask, “What is a healthy friendship?” to find the answer to your question. I believe that...